Weight loss and acupuncture

I was recently asked if acupuncture and Chinese medicine can it help me lose weight? Yes it can especially with daily herbal therapy for the underlying reason you have gained weight. There is however no magic pill out there for long term weight loss. There are many pyramid schemes out there now to give you spectacular weight loss with no changes in your life on your part. I can guarantee you they will not work long term and many have dangerous levels of things like caffeine. There is only one magic way to lose weight. Increase your activity and consume less calories. How you do this is certainly varied and works better if you pick a diet that matches your preferences and constitution. Acupuncture can help you with willpower, sugar cravings, metabolic rate, losing extra fluid but its not going to help you if you continue living the life you are currently gaining weigh on. I like taking herbal formulas and having acupuncture when I’m trying to lose weight because it keeps my weight loss steady. I don’t hang on to the extra fluid while losing weight making that scale say the same thing every day. That can really be depressing. I also am a stress eater and ear acupuncture and using ear seeds can really help with the stress that makes some of us eat. Some of us have very active metabolic rates and some of us are slugs. Acupuncture and herbal formulas can help speed up a sluggish metabolism. Sometimes people chose the wrong foods looking for nutrients missing from their diet. Missing certain essential fatty acids are a leading cause of people overeating in this manner. Another great thing that helps people lose weight is keeping a food diary. People who write down the exercise they do and the foods they eat are more successful. Its a pain for many of us but it has been shown to help people lose and keep off weight. What diet is best? Well it depends on your constitution and preferences. Many people benefit from programs of support like weight watchers. Other people don’t like groups. Some people do great on low-carb or low calorie diets and others just can’t. Feel free to call me or email me at crisbear@hotmail.com to set up a free consultation to see if I can help you with your weight loss goals. Be sure to talk to your primary care provider too. They may have some cautions or suggestions to help you as well. You should always talk with them before starting an exercise program especially if you are really out of shape, older, or very heavy. I recently went to a Standard Process seminar and have some suggestions for some good nutritional supplements that might help you as well. I recently lost about 100 pounds so you can ask me how I did that. I know how it is to struggle with weight loss and regaining weight that you keep losing and gaining back. Its a complex issue.

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